You Shot Me 
YSMWOODY has been an invested member in the HipHop community of Newfoundland & Labrador for almost decade. In 2020 he expanded on the support he has been offering to artists on a local level. Always wanting to help people lead woody down the path of pursuing a legal career, working with the Newfoundland & Labrador Legal Aid Commission and through the education of Social Work with the Memorial University of Newfoundland. And what started off as a camera purchase to help shoot pictures/attempt to shoot videos to promote his managed artists; MAK11, & KP28,  has transformed into a legitimate business "You Shot Me". YSMWOODY's schtick is that he has been the most active videographer in the greater St. John's region, offering services at NEVER before rates, helping facilitate many artist's dreams of being immortalized on film. He already has enough money in his personal life to facilitate such a passion (see the new section to come You Shot Me finances lol) and wishes to give others an opportunity to follow their passions.
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